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This week's episode is a rather visual one so you will probably want to listen after (or concurrently with) looking at the images below. Mark and I discuss some of the most instantly identifiable (for Yes fans) images which don't include the name of the band. We start off with a quiz for Mark using the first set of images and then we head off down Yes, Jon Anderson, Roger Dean and some other associated rabbit holes.

All of this was kicked off for me by the tiny, circular icons on the inner gatefold sleeve of Tales from Topographic Oceans and I posted this photo of Instagram.

It's one of those 'in the weeds' episodes so I hope you find it entertaining!

  • What are those little icons on the sleeve of Tales all about?
  • You is the Vitruvian Man?
  • What is the Olias symbol?

Let us know if you agree with us!

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