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This week, Mark and I return to our perennial favourite, the 'why did Yes want' series. Rick is back - again - after the orchestral diversion of Magnification and the Symphonic Tour just after the turn of the century (pun intended). He produced two albums of Yes-related music shortly before returning to the band so we are going to listen to those this coming week and bang on about them next week - you are most welcome to join in via the comments below.

I've spent all my spare time(!) this week packaging and sending copies of my Tormato book across the world so there's been no time to look at the usual social media places, I'm afraid. So we move straight onto the discussion.

See if you agree or disagree with what’s said and let us know by leaving a comment on the show notes for this episode.

  • What was Rick up to before returning to Yes once again?
  • What are the 'Two Sides Of Yes'?
  • Why does he do 'that'?!?
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