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In a break from our very well-received technical episodes, Mark and I return this week to the what did they do next series.

We are still in the so-called YES hiatus period of 2005-ish and we have just two band members yet to consider, the first being Steve Howe. SO we’ve taken a look around the various sources to see what Steve was up to at this point and one of the most useful was, perhaps unsurprisingly, his autobiography, All My Yesterdays.

So, what do you think we chose to talk about this week and listen to next week? You will need to be a bit of a hard-core Steve Howe fan to know the answer, I suppose, but keep listening and see if you are correct then take the opportunity to listen yourself this week and then see how our opinions differ from yours next week. Do let us know, of course.

  • What was Steve up to now?
  • Who was he working with?
  • What Yes connections can we discover?

Listen to the episode and let us know what you think!

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