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I wasn't able to record with Mark this week but I did manage to speak to Clive Bayley of Mabel Greer's Toyshop which morphed into Yes in 1968. The new album, The Secret, features the late, great Peter Banks on the title song and Clive explains how that came about. Mark also gives his recommendations for those interested in investigating what Peter Banks did next...

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Mark and I have been enjoying watching Yes covers on YouTube this week and we share some of our favourites. Also, the big news of the week is the #YES50 Fan Convention in London next year. We have a good chat about that!

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We announce the winner of the vinyl Topographic Drama competition and review the new Virgil and Steve Howe album, Nexus. It's a lovely collection. There's also time for a 2 pence about ARW headlining a festival in June 2018!

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As we wait for YES50, we took the opportunity to think about what 80s music could be played by Yes, as suggested by both Steve Howe and Geoff Downes. We also announce a COMPETITION to win a vinyl copy of Topgraphic Drama - Live Across America! Finally, there's a thought-provoking 2 pence...

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The last album in the main sequence turns 40 this year so we take another look at it this week. There's also the news of the 50th Anniversary and Mark reviews a Bill Bruford record.

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We finish off listening to The Steve Howe Album this week and there's a bit of a difference of opinion about it! The two pence segment is about the news that Billy Sherwood is working on a new Yes live album and Mark reviews Trvor Rabin's solo outing, 'Wo

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This week we welcome Wayne Hall onto the podast to talk about his ARW concert experience and how he managed to get Rick Wakeman to record an intro to the show! Mark reviews An Evening of Yes Music Plus from ABWH and there's a 2 pence about the set list for the first Yes shows in Japan.

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The first of 5 special anniversary episodes of the podcasts featuring conversations with listeners. We start with Ken Fuller.

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Mark reviews a bootleg recording and we discuss what Yes can mean by playing Yessongs live in Japan. Also, I continue reading the Bill Bruford Autobiography and I look forward to the 5th Anniversary celebrations next week.

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I start to read the Bill Bruford Autobiography and we discuss a fun 2 pence as well as those hideous (or not) electronic drums. There's also the announcement of a Patreon idea...

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This week our 2 Pence is about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and we also discuss our favourite special editions of Yes albums. Kevin comes up with a set of definitions of special editions, Mark delves deeply into the technical specifications and we come up with our two favourite discs. Take a listen and see if your favourites match ours!

  • What makes a Yes album release a special edition?
  • Are there more special editions than the Steven Wilson Remixes?
  • Why are most special editions on CD?

Listen to the episode then let us know what you think!

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Thoughts about Anderson, Rabin and Wakeman tackling Talk live as well as a review of Talk by Mark and a reminder of what happened last time Kevin went to see Yes live in Birmingham.

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I listen to 3 versions of the other track Yes are playing in the Summer of 2016, Ritual. Mark Anthony K reviews Big Generator and there's also news of new band, November Plot, and their debut single.

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A review of the forthcoming Mabel Greer's Toyshop Album, A New Way of Life, some exciting Yes news and a track from UK band, Edit Your Hometown - Suddenly...Ghosts!!!

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A recording of the NSF Assessor information meeting

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