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Produced by Ken Fuller, Jeffrey Crecelius and Wayne Hall

Mark and I spent a very enjoyable week listening to CTTE and Relayer - and why not? In time honoured fashion we have recorded our thoughts independently and then we meet up to criticise each other’s ideas. Not really. We do, however, indulge in the futile but nevertheless enjoyable process of ranking the albums against each other and coming out with a winner. Will you agree with our assessments? The sense of anticipation could be cut with a proverbial hacksaw.

  • Is it possible to rank these albums after listening to them?
  • Why would anyone want to?
  • Go on then, which one is better?
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Produced by Ken Fuller, Jeffrey Crecelius and Wayne Hall

This week Mark and I embark upon another inevitably unjustifiable escapade - the rating of two classic Yes albums against each other. If it wasn’t fun we wouldn’t do it but it keeps us off the streets at least. This time we have decided to pit Close To The Edge against Relayer and you can play along as well. In part 1 we bang on about the similarities and differences between the records and then next week we will report back on our findings after listening carefully to the albums. Please do add your own thoughts to the show notes for both weeks’ episodes.

  • Which album is 'better'?
  • What are the main differences and similarities?
  • Why would you want to do this?
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Produced by Ken Fuller, Wayne Hall and Jeffrey Crecelius

This week we met the delightful Chris Welch who wrote one of the most important books about Yes, Close To The Edge - The Yes Story. Journalist for Melody Maker, Kerrang and many other publications, Chris has known the band from its earliest days and we very much enjoyed talking to him about those days in the early 70s as well as his trip to Advision to see the band recording Tormato. It was a  great conversation so we hope you enjoy it as well.

  • What was it like in London in the early 70s?
  • Did punk kill prog?
  • How was the atmosphere in Advision?
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Produced by Ken Fuller, Wayne Hall and Jeffrey Crecelius

This week we are off into the weeds once again, this time with Tim Durling as our guide. As the originator of Tim’s Vinyl Confessions, he is ideally placed to tell us more about the 8 track tapes that have been released over the years by Yes and we discover a wealth of interesting facts about the much-maligned media format which, as you may remember, was the basis of the ill-fated Birotron Rick Wakeman championed and part-funded in the mid-late 70s.

We would be delighted to see photos of any Yes 8 track tapes you have in your collection so please do add those to the comments on the show notes for this week’s episode.

  • Why were 8-track cartridges so popular?
  • Did they sound any good?
  • Did the format cause any problems for the transfer of records?

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