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This week, Mark and I have been enjoying listening to Night After Night, the live album from UK in our quest to discover why Yes wanted Eddie Jobson. Hear our views in a few moments’ time and add your own to the comments in the show notes for this week’s episode.

Did you see UK in either of their incarnations? What do you think of the 3-piece lineup without Bruford and Holdsworth but with Terry Bozzio? Did it work? Let us know.

  • How does the 3-piece UK sound?
  • Is the guitar missed?
  • Is it all prog?
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Produced by Ken Fuller, Jeffrey Crecelius and Wayne Hall

This week Mark and I have been considering why Yes wanted Eddie Jobson. He stayed with the band for about as long as a British Prime Minister but there must have been compelling musical reasons why he was asked to join in the first place. So that’s what we are beginning to explore in this episode. WHile Eddie isn’t very well-known outside the Prog world, he certainly had the capacity to take Yes in a different and perhaps very interesting direction before he was replaced by the returning Tony Kaye. Another parallel with the UK political situation?

  • Child prodigy to Prog legend - an amazing story.
  • What skills did Eddie have which attracted Yes?
  • Did he have the experience to join Yes?
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Produced by Ken Fuller, Wayne Hall and Jeffrey Crecelius

We are finally back with part 2 of our look at the Buggles and why Yes might have wanted them. For this, we’ve been listening to the first album from the duo, The Age Of Plastic, seeing if we can pick up some pointers. As usual, it was a revealing and enjoyable experience and quite topical as Trevor Horn’s autobiography is being advertised across all of my social media at the moment. Let us know what you think of our views in the show notes for this week.

  • Does the album sound dated in 2022?
  • Is there more to it than just Video Killed The Radio Star?
  • Is it obvious why Yes wanted Downes and Horn to join them?

Take a listen to the episode and then let us know what you think!

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Produced by Ken Fuller, Jeffrey Crecelius and Wayne Hall

What a week it’s been in the world of Yes. Thanks to friend of the YMP Roie Avin, I managed to speak to Steve Howe about his new album with his late son Virgil, Lunar Mist as well as the US tour which began yesterday with a preview concert. (Don’t worry, I managed to slip in a question about Tormato as well.) YMP Producer Ken Fuller went along to the dress rehearsal and I’ve added his photos from the event to the show notes for this week. The gig took place at Mickey’s Black Box, part of long-time Yes collaborator Michael Tait’s empire also known as the Rock Lititz campus in Philadelphia. In fact Michael introduced the band and spoke about his connections with Yes. (Incidentally he is now retired.)

Also this week Doug Curran was at the wonderful Alan White tribute concert in Seattle which featured Trevor Rabin, Billy Sherwood, Jon Davison, Geoff Downes, Jay Schellen and a host of other stars. A truly moving event to remember a truly remarkable person.

Add to all this the announcement of concert dates for Jon Anderson and the Band Geeks in 2023 complete with a great video of the whole band in action together. Actually I think it’s a composite video using some clever remote recording but whatever the case, it all sounds fantastic. Fingers crossed they are able to visit the UK.

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