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Produced by Ken Fuller, Wayne Hall and Jeffrey Crecelius

I recently spoke to illustrator Colin Elgie, who was a freelance illustrator for legendary album art producers, Hipgnosis, for the whole of the 1970s. We chatted about his artwork for Tormato and I found out that he also produced some other Yes items you'll recognise, along with other prog album covers. It was a great phone call and this week I explain to Mark what Colin said and we take a look at some of the artwork Colin and I discussed.

Then Mark tells us about some other vinyl albums which have interesting and/or unique inner contents. You'll also have your favourites so please do add them in the comments on the show notes.

  • What did Colin Elgie produce for Yes?
  • What did he think of the Hipgnosis cover for Tormato?
  • What other inner album contents are worth tracking down?

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Produced by Ken Fuller, Jeffrey Crecelius and Wayne Hall

After a period of ill health I’m finally back this week with the second part of our Why did Yes want Rick Wakeman feature. Many thanks to everyone who has sent wishes for a speedy recovery.

We also have the final word from Simon Barrow on the CTTE 50th Anniversary UK and Irish tour and we start with some news from around the interwebs.

  • What were the two previous albums from Strawbs like?
  • Why was Rick fed up with that band?
  • What were press and fan reactions like to CTTE50?
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We are back almost to normal or what passes for normal in these parts this week. After the merry mayhem of the Yes UK and Irish tour celebrating CTTE’s 50th Anniversary, this week Mark and I return to our new-ish series trying to make semi-educated guesses about why Yes wanted to add new or different musicians to their fold. This time, we turn our excited attention to Rick Wakeman and consider what he was doing to attract the band’s attention. That’ll be fun.

Before that we have the final tour diary entry from the redoutable Simon Barrow complete with a new crop of photos on the show notes.

  • What attracted Yes to Rick Wakeman?
  • What had he been doing before?
  • How does Simon sum up the latest tour?
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