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Next week’s YMP episode will be a proper tribute to Alan White so please add your contributions in the comments section below.

This week, rather than a ‘standard’ episode we thought it would be appropriate to re-play our interview with Alan from January 2020. He was in fine form, as always and it was a joy to speak to him.

‘Legendary’ is an entirely apt description of this true gentleman, extraordinary musician and friend to all he encountered. R.I.P. Alan.

Original interview episode show notes:

Mark and I have ticked off another of our top ambitions on the podcast by speaking to Yes drum legend, Alan White. We cover a number of different topics and Alan is absolutely delightful, as I'm sure you know.

For the first time in ages, I also managed to do a news catch-up which features a few highlights from around the social webs in recent days and/or weeks and do listen out for a couple of new items. I hope you enjoy the whole episode!

  • What did Alan think of From A Page?
  • What is Alan's favourite Yes album??
  • What is Relayer going to be like to play live in 2020?

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Just as I was preparing this week’s episode the news broke that Vangelis has died. A giant of the music world in so many different spheres, it’s a terrible loss. Most music fans will know that Jon and Vangelis was a highly significant collaboration but I am sure fewer know about the possibility of Vangelis becoming Yes’ keyboardist after Rick Wakeman left in 1974. He rehearsed with the band but it didn’t work out. However, he left his keyboard setup in place and Patrick Moraz used it to improvise the opening keyboards for Sound Chaser and this is the version used on the actual record, or so the story goes. Vangelis also has writing credits on Children of Light from Keys To Assension 2 which was originally written by Jon Anderson and him in 1986 as, 'Distant Thunder'.

His music will live on but he will certainly be missed.

It’s always a pleasure to speak to Geoff Downes and this time we took in Asia, Yes and the Downes Braide Association. As always, Geoff has been very busy with different musical activities and, as you’ll hear, is looking forward to getting out on the road again with the world’s greatest progressive rock band.

Geoff also sets a question for you to answer to win the wonderful Asia in Asia box set so after you’ve heard what the question is, please send your answer to before Friday 27th May 2022 to be in with a chance of winning that collector’s item.

Unfortunately, Mark was unable to join us for the interview but he will be back next week.

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Produced by Wayne Hall and Jeffrey Crecelius

This week we have the chance to review the amazing new box set from Bill Bruford. Mark and I are joined by the redoubtable Simon Barrow for the conversation.

  • What is included and what is excluded?
  • Is there a good selection from each of Bill's projects?
  • Was Bill a rock drummer turned to jazz or the other way round?

Take a listen to the episode and then let us know what you think!

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Produced by Wayne Hall and Jeffrey Crecelius

Mark and I are starting a new series this week where we will bang on about the musicians who were tempted to join Yes and what they did previously which attracted the attention of the band. It’s a bit like a prequel to our ‘what did they do next’ series, if you see what I mean. Each topic will be in two parts as before so you will have a week (or sometimes more) to listen to the music yourself before Mark and I give our reactions to it. A lot more on that later.

  • What attracted Yes to Steve Howe?
  • What was Steve up to before joining Yes?
  • In what way was he a 'different' guitarist?

Take a listen to the episode and then let us know what you think below!

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