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Produced by Jeffrey Crecelius and Wayne Hall

I’m hoping the weekly update from around the metaverse will return next week but for now we’ll get straight on with another brilliant and fascinating conversation with progresssive rock keyboard guru and all round brilliant chap, Chris Dale.

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Produced by Wayne Hall and Jeffrey Crecelius

I'm still on holiday this week so I'm indebted to Simon Barrow, Robert Nasir and Mark Anthony K for stepping into the breach. I'm sure you will enjoy what they have to say - please do add your comments.

  • What does Steven Wilson say about Yes in his new book?
  • Has Robert enjoyed the recent episodes?
  • What Close To The Edge insights has Mark for us?

There's also a Two Pence from Mark for you to add your thoughts to.

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First of all, many thanks to Dan and Steven Shinder for last week’s April Fool swap around - it was great fun and we look forward to doing some more sensible Yes conversations in the future.

Oliver Wakeman is always one of our favourite guests on the YMP and this time we talk about Yes and his latest release - the Collaborations box set which is available from Burning Shed. It’s another engaging and insightful chat so do let us know what you think.

  • What's in Oliver's new box set?
  • What would Oliver want to play if he returned to Yes?
  • What does Oliver think of the change from Relayer Live to Close To The Edge Live?

Take a listen to the episode and then let us know what you think below!

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Kevin and Mark discuss some amazing recent news in Yesworld!

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