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In a break from our very well-received technical episodes, Mark and I return this week to the what did they do next series.

We are still in the so-called YES hiatus period of 2005-ish and we have just two band members yet to consider, the first being Steve Howe. SO we’ve taken a look around the various sources to see what Steve was up to at this point and one of the most useful was, perhaps unsurprisingly, his autobiography, All My Yesterdays.

So, what do you think we chose to talk about this week and listen to next week? You will need to be a bit of a hard-core Steve Howe fan to know the answer, I suppose, but keep listening and see if you are correct then take the opportunity to listen yourself this week and then see how our opinions differ from yours next week. Do let us know, of course.

  • What was Steve up to now?
  • Who was he working with?
  • What Yes connections can we discover?

Listen to the episode and let us know what you think!

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I asked our friend Miguel Falcão to tell me a bit about how Chris Squire achieved such a remarkable bass sound for Tormato. Instead of sending me a few bullet points, Miguel was kind enough to record a complete audio description of the technical minutiae of the master's solution. Mark and I listen to this amazing in-depth piece and discuss a few of the points Miguel makes.

Many thanks to Miguel and if you haven't heard his staggeringly accurate Yes bass covers, then you are missing out a great deal. See the links in the show notes at to remedy that immediately.

  • How did Chris Squire achieve 'that' sound for Tormato?
  • What technology did he employ?
  • Was the approach the same on every song on Tormato?

Listen to the episode and let us know what you think!

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It was a great pleasure to speak to another dedicated Yes fan this week and one who has had the privilege to be involved with the new album, The Quest. Paul K Joyce provided the orchestrations for a number of the songs on the record and worked closely with Steve Howe as producer.

Paul takes us through the story of how this all came about as well as his Yes story and some of the remarkable and unexpected turns his career has taken. Prepare yourself to hear about Tangerine Dream, Noddy, Bob the Builder, Time by Steve Howe and more in a delightful interview.


  • What was Paul's million-selling single?
  • How did a biology student end up composing orchestral arrangements for The Quest?
  • Is Paul a Yes fan?


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This week we decided to go really deeply into the technical weeds of Yes and look at an instrument which appears on Tormato and not very many other places in the musical universe. We are joined by the remarkable Chris Dale who has devoted many years of his life to collecting and renovating this, rarest of all musical instruments, the Birotron. We discuss what Rick Wakeman had to do with this fascinating story, what the Birotron is and why it was never put into production despite 1000 musicians wanting to buy one.

It’s another deeply hidden part of the Yesstory and one which Mark and I enjoyed finding out about enormously. I hope you also find it an interesting diversion.

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The time is finally here for Mark and me to present our in-depth review of the new Yes studio album, The Quest. We are also delighted to be joined by Henry Potts, the man behind the essential Yes online source, which has been cataloguing the crazy world of Yes and its former members since 1998 - and we thought we were doing well with 10 years!

So listen out for that conversation.

 First of all, Mark and I give our impressions of The Quest, then there's a surprise contributor and finally a round-table with Henry.

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