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This week, Mark and I return to the surprisingly long series on what did Yes members do when they left the band. It’s Igor Khoroshev’s turn this time and, as you’ll hear it’s more than usually difficult to decide what he went onto next but we do have a go at it.

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This week Mark and I had a highly enjoyable conversation with Dave Kerzner about his position with Billy Sherwood, Jon Davison, Jay Schellen and Jimmy Haun in Arc of Life. We talk about what he would like the band to grow into and delve a little into his keyboard work with Geoff Downes and Tony Banks. It was a real pleasure to welcome Dave back onto the show.

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Produced by Jeffrey Crecelius, Wayne Hall and Preston Frazier

After the sad news we shared last week about Phil Naro, Mark and I have decided to listen to parts of Yessongs this week and compare the performances with later live offerings. It’s what we’ve done before in our Yes Tracks Through Time series.

Most Yes fans agree that Yessongs captures the band at its best and it often comes top in the best live albums lists and polls but what about other versions of these classic songs?

  • Is Yessongs really the only live record worth listening to?
  • What radically different performances exist?
  • Are they just as enjoyable?

Listen to the episode and let us know what you think!

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Mark shares the news of the loss of a member of our global Yes fan community, Phil Naro, and we re-play an interview Mark did with him back in 2016. Rest In Peace.

We also finish off our look at Conspiracy, the album by the band of the same name which features Billy Sherwood, Chris Squire and a number of very famous guests.

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