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This week, Marka and I had the opportunity to think about the next person to leave the band - Billy Sherwood. What did he do next after the end of The Ladder tour? We’ll let you know a little later.

At the end of this episode, I’m going to play a very interesting piece of audio from Daniel and Amanda Krohn. It’s about From A Page, the Oliver Wakeman led Yes mini-album. We will return to this topic soon.

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It’s been a week for thinking deeply...or maybe not. Anyway, Mark and I have been listening to the oft maligned sides 2 and 3 of Tales from Topographic Oceans which have not been played as often as sides 1 and 4. 'Why not?' I hear you cry. Or maybe I don’t. In any case, that’s what we will be banging on about in this episode.

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In part 2 of our occasional 'What did they do next' series, we listen to Return To The Centre Of The Earth. We also welcome Nic Caciappo onto the show to explain his personal connection to the Rick Wakeman album.

It's a great conversation and a lovely treat to meet Nic, at least virtually.

  • What is this album like?
  • How was Nic involved?
  • Was it a worthwhile idea?

Listen to the episode and let us know what you think!

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This week we return to our occasional What did they do next series and it’s Rick Wakeman’s turn again. After some fairly typical personal and legal upset, the band and Rick parted ways and there was to be no repeat of the Keys to Ascension positivity.

This left Wakeman free to indulge other passions and so he ramped up one of his long-held ambitions - to return to the centre of the earth. Mark and I discuss this project a little later on and then next week we will report back on the music itself.

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In a change to our plans (which were not to release an episode at all over the Easter weekend), the host of the Underrated / Overhated podcast, Jacob, has given us permission to play his episode which features none other than me and Mark.

Many thanks to Jacob for a really fun conversation. We hope you enjoy it and check out the rest of Jacob's podcast as a result.

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