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Unusually for recent weeks, it’s just Mark and me this week having some fun considering the relative merits of TAAW and Magnification. Quite a distance apart in time but linked by some pretty obvious themes as we shall see later. Do give us your opinions on these albums via your comments in the show notes for this week’s episode on

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Jacob, a musician and podcaster from Bristol, UK joined Mark and me this week to talk about Yes lyrics.

  • What typifies Yes lyrics?
  • What are our favourites?
  • Which lyrics make us cringe?

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Joining us on the show this week it's that man again, Geoff Bailie. The redoubtable gentleman of prog helps us to discuss some written and audio contributions from Jeremy North, John Parry, John Thomson, Simon Barrow and Stephen Lambe. Do you agree with any of us? Let us know!

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After a suggestion by Dave Watkinson and a twitter chat between him and Henry Potts, Mark and I have been listening to the compilation album Keystudio and thinning about what could have happened if it had been released in place of Keys to Ascension and Keys to Ascension 2. Please take a listen to our thoughts and then get involved yourself by sending in your thoughts via any of the ways on

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