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It’s been quite a week. Mark and I managed to scoop an amazing world exclusive thanks to Bob Cesca and Tim Panella. They joined us to talk about the period in which they both worked with Yes on remixes, artwork, videography and more. We discovered not only untold stories but also Yes music which has never been heard in public before, 20 years after it was recorded by Jon Anderson, Chris Squire, Alan White and Steve Howe.


Listen out for the full, fascinating conversation as well as some undiscovered Yes music.

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This week, Mark and I have been listening to and watching some recordings of the Union Tour in 1991. It’s a special one for Mark as it was his very first experience of Yes live - what a way to start. Listen out for our thoughts on that a little later in the episode when we compare notes on a couple of live versions of songs from the Union album and a couple of older songs.

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This week, Mark and I complete our look at what Tony Kaye did after leaving Yes in 1995. We listen to Run Like Hell from the album, catchily entitled, 'Pigs And Pyramids - An All Star Lineup Performing The Songs Of Pink Floyd..

We also have time to consider the other Yes-related song on this album, 'Comfortably Numb' which features Chris Squire, Billy Sherwood and Alan White.

Finally, we muse on what other line-ups of a Yes Power Trio might look like.

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This week, Mark and I return to the perennial favourite series, What Did they Do next. When Trevor Rabin left Yes to pursue film scoring after the Talk tour, Tony Kaye also said goodbye not only to the band but also to the music industry, as we will hear a little later. What did he do next and when did he return to music? Stay tuned to find out.

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