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It’s been a bit of a challenging week on the technical side with Mark in lockdown and without proper internet access and my move of the YMP Towers into a new location in the house. However, we did manage to listen to the Jon Anderson Christmas album, 3 Ships which was very enjoyable.

  • What's Jon's Christmas album like?
  • Are all the songs 'Christmassy'?
  • Why listen to 3 Ships?

Listen to the episode and let us know what you think!

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This week marks something of a departure for us here at YMP Towers. In our ever-popular what did they do next series, we have reached the point where Trevor Rabin left the band after the Talk Tour in 1995. He went off to pursue his other musical avenue of choice - film scores. So that means we will be listening not to a rock or progressive album next week but a film soundtrack. That should be very interesting. We are also hoping to have Julia from the fabulous Rabinesque blog with us next week because she knows rather more than we do about Trevor’s soundtrack work and should be able to fill in a lot of the details for us.

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