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This week, Mark and I start off the next instalment of the perennially popular What Did They Do Next series with a certain Billy Sherwood’s activities post Yes. Can you guess what album we will be talking about? Stay tuned to find out if you’re right.

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Unfortunately, both I and Mark have been a bit under the weather this week but we recovered in time to listen to two classic Yes albums and record our thoughts. There's also time for a few thoughts about Jon Anderson's new very controversial song!

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I’d like to say Mark and I have been enjoying listening to the new Yes live album, The Royal Affair Tour: Live From Las Vegas this week and actually I have enjoyed the majority of it but you’ll hear a little later in the episode why we’re slightly concerned about the latest release. You may find our comments difficult or you may agree - please do let us know either way.

At the end of the episode Mark also helps me out to gain a proper understanding of the significance of Eddie van Halen who, as I’m sure you know, sadly died at the tragically young age of 65 this week. Do stay tuned for that.

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It was a great pleasure to speak to Roine Stolt this week about his forthcoming album with The Flower Kings, Islands. We also chatted about Yes, working with Jon Anderson on the Anderson Stolt record Invention of Knowledge and other projects. He’s another very busy musician - even in these pandemic days.

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