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We return to our ever-popular what did they do next series this week and it’s time to work out what Steve Howe did after the end of the Union Tour. It’s an opportunity for Mark and me to discover more music we don’t know and a chance to compare 1993 solo work  with Love Is which we spoke to Steve about last week.

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After a few technical hitches, we managed to speak to legendary Yes guitarist, Steve Howe, about his brand new solo album, 'Love Is'. It features his son and recent YMP interviewee, Dylan Howe, on drums and Steve's fellow Yes member, Jon Davison, on backing vocals and bass guitar.

If you like Steve's solo work, you'll absolutely love this new album, which is packed full of his trademark multi-guitar work and contains half instrumental tracks and half songs. Steve is pleased with his lead vocals and we can see why!

  • Does Steve enjoy writing, producing, engineering and performing?
  • How does Steve choose from his incredible collection of guitars?
  • Are there any clues to future Yes happenings?

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It's a fantastic time for current and former members of Yes. Here's another example - the new prog album by Rick Wakeman and the English Rock Ensemble - The Red Planet. We spoke to Lee Pomeroy recently who plays bass on the record and this week we are listening to the music. If you've heard the album, do let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • In what way is this album progressive rock?
  • How does this music compare with Rick's older material?
  • Is it an enjoyable album?

Listen to the episode and let us know what you think!

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In our second part of what Bill did next, Mark and I enjoy listening to the Earthworks album, Stamping Ground. It's a complete change for me but Mark has quite a few Earthworks albums.

  • What do those electronic drums sound like here?
  • Is this just 'standard' jazz?
  • Can Kevin get into the music at all?

Listen to the episode and let us know what you think!

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Kevin is on holiday this week so Mark introduces a blast from the past!

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