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As I'm officially on leave this Friday and next, there no time for news I'm afraid but there was time for a great discussion between Mark and me about what Bill Bruford did next after leaving Yes following the end of the Union tour. Almost immediately, he recorded a live album with his band, Earthworks.

  • What is Earthworks all about?
  • Is Bill's favourite music jazz not rock?
  • Melodies on the drums - how does that work?

Listen to the episode and let us know what you think!

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This week, Mark and I decided to delve back into the main sequence of Yes albums and think about the pros and cons of Fragile and Close to the Edge. Both contain some fantastic music but which is the more satisfying? Listen to our thoughts and then add yours to the show notes for this week on

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This week we were delighted to welcome extraordinary bassist, Lee Pomeroy, back onto the podcast. As part of Rick Wakeman's English Rock Ensemble, Lee has been involved in the creation of a wonderful prog album, The Red Planet. Although the release date has been hit by lockdown, as you will hear, Lee explains that it will be well worth the wait and is very excited about this return to Rick's progressive roots.

  • How was this record put together in lockdown?
  • Is it really progressive rock?
  • How much was Lee involved in the writing of bass parts?

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This week, Mark and I had a hugely enjoyable conversation with the amazing Fernando Perdomo. A long-term collaborator with a previous guest, Dave Kerzner, Fernando tells us about his fascination with Peter Banks, his work on the 50th Anniversary Yes tribute CD and his own music in the new Peter Banks continuation project, The New Empire whose album is out soon. Fernando has even given us permission to play a song from the new album exclusively here on the show so listen out for that later on - I’m sure you’ll agree it’s brilliant.

Mark and I also had time to record our thoughts in a two pence segment about the rumours around the producer for the new Yes album. Hold on tight for that as well.

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