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In part two of our exploration of what Trevor Rabin did next, this week Mark and I have been listening to his solo album, Can’t Look Away. There’s plenty to like and plenty to discuss so look out for that later on.

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With the news that Trevor Rabin is working on a new solo record, Mark and I bend the rules of the what did they do next series almost to breaking point so we can take a look at Trevor’s 1989 album, Can’t Look Away. Messages of protestation welcome but not necessary. This week we discuss our expectations of the record and then next week we’ll feed back on our listening experiences.

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Join in a wonderful story-telling session with Dave Watkinson. It's another amazing Yes chat!

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This week, Mark and I have been listening to the album which Jon Anderson released shortly after leaving Yes following the Big Generator tour, 'In The City Of Angels'. It’s not exactly progressive rock but see if you agree with our assessment of the music and take a listen to an audio contribution on this subject from Stephen Lambe as well.

We also have time for a two pence about the latest Roger Dean Yes album cover and its public development as well as a very exciting YMP Announcement connected with what the YMP Patrons have been up to in secret lately. And that’s not all. There’s the result of the Dave Watkinson Warriors EP competition, news of Miguel Falcao’s PlayForChris6 project and the official press release from Steve Howe about his new album. So, Look out for all that!

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This week we turn our attention to the next person to leave the band, Jon Anderson. He called it a day after the Big Generator Tour. So, what did he do next? Find out later on.

We also have a sort of double 2 pence which is concerned with both what Roger Dean is currently up to on Facebook and why it matters for fans of the recorded output of the world’s greatest progressive rock band.

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