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As John Lennon once sang - Strange Days Indeed. However, we aim for a little bit of normality here on the YMP.

This week Mark and I caught up with Dave Watkinson and had a great time talking about his debut as record producer. Jon Anderson and The Warriors - The Lost Demos EP is out on 7in vinyl now from Plane Groovy Records and you can get your copy - if you are quick - at

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This week amongst the coronavirus mayhem, Mark and I keep calm and listen to...Adventures in Modern Recording by Buggles in our second look at what Geoff Downes did next after leaving Yes following the end of the Drama tour.

We also have a two pence based around some alternatives to the live Yes shoes which have had to be cancelled or postponed.

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This week the whole world has been preoccupied with COVID-19, which is entirely understandable. Mark and I discuss the situation in relation to Yes later on in this episode but, maybe as a bit of light relief, we start by thinking about what Geoff Downes did next after leaving Yes following the Drama tour

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his week, Mark and I enjoyed listening to The Bodast Tapes featuring Steve Howe in the second part of our examination of what Steve did after leaving Yes following the Drama tour. We also had the pleasure of speaking to Danny Markovitch who plays saxophone in the progressive/fusion band Marbin who are returning for the second time to the Cruise to the Edge next month. He explains what his band is all about and how they developed their music from their roots in Israel to the US.

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