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This week, Mark and I begin our look at what Steve Howe did next after leaving Yes after the Drama tour. Michael Handerhan suggested that, rather than going straight to Asia, Howe produced something else next which uncovered a remarkable passage of time in his early career.

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This week Mark and I caught up with Yes author and friend of the band, Jon Kirkman, who told us about his new Yes live photography book as well as the next Cruise to the Edge which he is co-hosting.

The book is called Tales from Photographic Oceans and it promises to be an amazing publication, one which is limited to only 300 copies as well.

Get your copy here -

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Mark and I have finally managed to complete our look at The Dollar Album which was produced and partly co-written by Trevor Horn after he left Yes. It’s an interesting album and prompted quite a few points of discussion.

We also think about the impact of the recent fire at the acetate factory in the US and consider what the ramifications might be for vinyl releases from Yes.

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You'll be amazed by the story we are told by Jon Dee and Dave Watkinson this week. They were the only people beyond the inner circle of the band to hear Cinema in their original format, shortly before the band morphed into the Yes of 90125.

We had such a brilliant time hearing all about it this week!

  • Who were Cinema?
  • How did Jon and Dave come to be there at a rehearsal?
  • How and why did the band change their name to Yes?
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