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It’s been a bit of a challenging week on the technical side with Mark in lockdown and without proper internet access and my move of the YMP Towers into a new location in the house. However, we did manage to listen to the Jon Anderson Christmas album, 3 Ships which was very enjoyable.

  • What's Jon's Christmas album like?
  • Are all the songs 'Christmassy'?
  • Why listen to 3 Ships?

Listen to the episode and let us know what you think!

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This week marks something of a departure for us here at YMP Towers. In our ever-popular what did they do next series, we have reached the point where Trevor Rabin left the band after the Talk Tour in 1995. He went off to pursue his other musical avenue of choice - film scores. So that means we will be listening not to a rock or progressive album next week but a film soundtrack. That should be very interesting. We are also hoping to have Julia from the fabulous Rabinesque blog with us next week because she knows rather more than we do about Trevor’s soundtrack work and should be able to fill in a lot of the details for us.

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It’s been a very interesting task to compare and contrast Big Generator and Drama this week. Mark and I have hopefully come up with some thoughts which are of interest to you. As always, please add your own comments to the show notes for this week - we’d love to hear what you think of these two albums in our latest shoot-out.

You can’t have escaped the fact that it’s been Thanksgiving in the US this week and when this episode is released it is Black Friday. Happy Holidays to all.

This year, YMP has jumped on the proverbial bandwagon and the Emporium is offering a special deal from 27th November to 4th December. If you’d like to order yourself one of the Full Union Art Prints, you’ll also receive one of the The Answer Is YES! Trivia games for free when they are released. Sounds like a good deal to me. Head on over to and tell all your friends!

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Across the globe from Canada, Indonesia, the UK and the US (I think!) it was a real pleasure for Mark and I to speak to Kevin Currie and Ted Stockwell this week about their band, White, which has featured Alan White and Geoff Downes in the past. It's a great, in-depth interview in which we delve into the fascinating history of the band and their strong links to Yes.

The whole conversation was organised for us by Daniel Krohn so many thanks to him.

  • What albums has White produced?
  • What happened to the More Drama Tour on which White were to play?
  • Are there any plans for the future?

Listen to the episode and let us know what you think!

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It was, as usual, a delight to speak to one of the most knowledgeable and friendly Yes fanatics this week, Dave Watkinson. He told us about three very special memorabilia activities he’s been involved in recently. You might want to take a look at the show notes for this week to see exactly what Dave’s talking about but it’s all fascinating and gives some new insights into the story of the world’s greatest progressive rock band. I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as Mark and I did recording it.

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Mark and I are back this week with the second part of our look at the World Trade album Euphoria in our what did they do next series this time featuring Billy Sherwood.

We also have a chance to give our two pence on a topic which compares Roger Dean’s approach to that of Yes themselves. I hope you find all that interesting.

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This week, Mark and I start off the next instalment of the perennially popular What Did They Do Next series with a certain Billy Sherwood’s activities post Yes. Can you guess what album we will be talking about? Stay tuned to find out if you’re right.

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Unfortunately, both I and Mark have been a bit under the weather this week but we recovered in time to listen to two classic Yes albums and record our thoughts. There's also time for a few thoughts about Jon Anderson's new very controversial song!

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I’d like to say Mark and I have been enjoying listening to the new Yes live album, The Royal Affair Tour: Live From Las Vegas this week and actually I have enjoyed the majority of it but you’ll hear a little later in the episode why we’re slightly concerned about the latest release. You may find our comments difficult or you may agree - please do let us know either way.

At the end of the episode Mark also helps me out to gain a proper understanding of the significance of Eddie van Halen who, as I’m sure you know, sadly died at the tragically young age of 65 this week. Do stay tuned for that.

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It was a great pleasure to speak to Roine Stolt this week about his forthcoming album with The Flower Kings, Islands. We also chatted about Yes, working with Jon Anderson on the Anderson Stolt record Invention of Knowledge and other projects. He’s another very busy musician - even in these pandemic days.

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Is or was Yes a promotional video type band? This is the question Mark and I wrestle with this week. We each choose 3 videos to discuss and also broaden our scope a bit as well. Stay tuned for that a little bit later on and do watch the videos which I’ve embedded into the show notes below to give you some context.

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In a week when I was very pressed for time, I did manage to listen to Yes and Time And A Word and also speak to Mark about it.

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Mark and I have had an interesting week firstly trying to get hold of and then listening to the collaborative album Wakeman With Wakeman by Rick and Adam.

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It’s the beginning of September and the YMP is back. Mark and I are starting off with the next part of our 'what did they do next' series and this time we are back again to Rick Wakeman leaving in the run up to work starting on the Talk album, which he was originally going to be part of. Instead, he undertook some solo and collaboration activity and we will be discussing all that in more detail in this episode.

It’s also been an important week for Yes with the official launch of the pre-order for the new live album.

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We were delighted to welcome back onto the show the smooth tones of Yes fan and serial prog podcaster, Geoff Bailie this week to talk about the 40th birthday of Drama.

It's a mini round table episode - leave your thoughts and reactions on the show notes for this week's episode!

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This week, Mark and I enjoyed listening to The Grand Scheme of Things by Steve Howe which he produced shortly after leaving the band following the end of the Union Tour in 1993. It’s a great collection but might be a little bit too long. Take a listen to our thoughts a little later on and add your own to the show notes for this week.

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It was a genuine pleasure to speak to Casey Young this week about his contributions to the 90125 Tour. 
This conversation was suggested by Keith Hoisington.

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We return to our ever-popular what did they do next series this week and it’s time to work out what Steve Howe did after the end of the Union Tour. It’s an opportunity for Mark and me to discover more music we don’t know and a chance to compare 1993 solo work  with Love Is which we spoke to Steve about last week.

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After a few technical hitches, we managed to speak to legendary Yes guitarist, Steve Howe, about his brand new solo album, 'Love Is'. It features his son and recent YMP interviewee, Dylan Howe, on drums and Steve's fellow Yes member, Jon Davison, on backing vocals and bass guitar.

If you like Steve's solo work, you'll absolutely love this new album, which is packed full of his trademark multi-guitar work and contains half instrumental tracks and half songs. Steve is pleased with his lead vocals and we can see why!

  • Does Steve enjoy writing, producing, engineering and performing?
  • How does Steve choose from his incredible collection of guitars?
  • Are there any clues to future Yes happenings?

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It's a fantastic time for current and former members of Yes. Here's another example - the new prog album by Rick Wakeman and the English Rock Ensemble - The Red Planet. We spoke to Lee Pomeroy recently who plays bass on the record and this week we are listening to the music. If you've heard the album, do let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • In what way is this album progressive rock?
  • How does this music compare with Rick's older material?
  • Is it an enjoyable album?

Listen to the episode and let us know what you think!

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In our second part of what Bill did next, Mark and I enjoy listening to the Earthworks album, Stamping Ground. It's a complete change for me but Mark has quite a few Earthworks albums.

  • What do those electronic drums sound like here?
  • Is this just 'standard' jazz?
  • Can Kevin get into the music at all?

Listen to the episode and let us know what you think!

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Kevin is on holiday this week so Mark introduces a blast from the past!

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As I'm officially on leave this Friday and next, there no time for news I'm afraid but there was time for a great discussion between Mark and me about what Bill Bruford did next after leaving Yes following the end of the Union tour. Almost immediately, he recorded a live album with his band, Earthworks.

  • What is Earthworks all about?
  • Is Bill's favourite music jazz not rock?
  • Melodies on the drums - how does that work?

Listen to the episode and let us know what you think!

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This week, Mark and I decided to delve back into the main sequence of Yes albums and think about the pros and cons of Fragile and Close to the Edge. Both contain some fantastic music but which is the more satisfying? Listen to our thoughts and then add yours to the show notes for this week on

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This week we were delighted to welcome extraordinary bassist, Lee Pomeroy, back onto the podcast. As part of Rick Wakeman's English Rock Ensemble, Lee has been involved in the creation of a wonderful prog album, The Red Planet. Although the release date has been hit by lockdown, as you will hear, Lee explains that it will be well worth the wait and is very excited about this return to Rick's progressive roots.

  • How was this record put together in lockdown?
  • Is it really progressive rock?
  • How much was Lee involved in the writing of bass parts?

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This week, Mark and I had a hugely enjoyable conversation with the amazing Fernando Perdomo. A long-term collaborator with a previous guest, Dave Kerzner, Fernando tells us about his fascination with Peter Banks, his work on the 50th Anniversary Yes tribute CD and his own music in the new Peter Banks continuation project, The New Empire whose album is out soon. Fernando has even given us permission to play a song from the new album exclusively here on the show so listen out for that later on - I’m sure you’ll agree it’s brilliant.

Mark and I also had time to record our thoughts in a two pence segment about the rumours around the producer for the new Yes album. Hold on tight for that as well.

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In part two of our exploration of what Trevor Rabin did next, this week Mark and I have been listening to his solo album, Can’t Look Away. There’s plenty to like and plenty to discuss so look out for that later on.

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With the news that Trevor Rabin is working on a new solo record, Mark and I bend the rules of the what did they do next series almost to breaking point so we can take a look at Trevor’s 1989 album, Can’t Look Away. Messages of protestation welcome but not necessary. This week we discuss our expectations of the record and then next week we’ll feed back on our listening experiences.

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Join in a wonderful story-telling session with Dave Watkinson. It's another amazing Yes chat!

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This week, Mark and I have been listening to the album which Jon Anderson released shortly after leaving Yes following the Big Generator tour, 'In The City Of Angels'. It’s not exactly progressive rock but see if you agree with our assessment of the music and take a listen to an audio contribution on this subject from Stephen Lambe as well.

We also have time for a two pence about the latest Roger Dean Yes album cover and its public development as well as a very exciting YMP Announcement connected with what the YMP Patrons have been up to in secret lately. And that’s not all. There’s the result of the Dave Watkinson Warriors EP competition, news of Miguel Falcao’s PlayForChris6 project and the official press release from Steve Howe about his new album. So, Look out for all that!

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This week we turn our attention to the next person to leave the band, Jon Anderson. He called it a day after the Big Generator Tour. So, what did he do next? Find out later on.

We also have a sort of double 2 pence which is concerned with both what Roger Dean is currently up to on Facebook and why it matters for fans of the recorded output of the world’s greatest progressive rock band.

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This week we blew away the lockdown cobwebs by means of a bracing conversation with the ever jovial and generous Sid Smith. Responsible for many Yes, King Crimson and other sleeve notes, he shared his approaches and told a story or two. It was a very enjoyable chat.

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It’s another week of normality, courtesy of the YMP. I hope you are well and coping with the current situation.

This week in a bit of a departure from the usual format, Mark and I took a look at some of the sleeve notes which come with Yes records, CDs and so on. We both choose our favourite 3 examples and talk quite a bit about the different kinds there have been through the years.

There’s an invitation to suggest your own favourites on the show notes for this episode and also the news that we will be speaking to Sid Smith next week on the show. In case you are unaware, Sid recently updated his essential King Crimson book and is also the author of many essays for sleeve notes including the Steven Wilson Yes remixes. We are very much looking forward to that conversation.

  • What different styles of sleeve notes are included with Yes albums?
  • Which are the best?
  • Which are our favourites?

Listen to the episode and let us know what you think!

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In the midst of the global emergency, we are back with more YMP in an attempt to help take your mind off everything at least for a short time.

This week, Mark and I have been listening to the Green Album by Eddie Jobson - as you’ll see it’s a great discovery.

We also enjoy a two pence suggestion about Yes medleys from Dave Watkinson.

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In the UK we are coming to the end of the second week of total lock down and my friends and family are currently coping quite well thanks to the wonderful work of the NHS (including my wife, Sarah) and all the key workers. Thank you to each and every one of them.

As I said last week, we are aiming to ensure the YMP provides a bit of normality through this difficult time so this week we are perhaps bending the rules slightly to consider what Eddie Jobson did after leaving Yes.

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As John Lennon once sang - Strange Days Indeed. However, we aim for a little bit of normality here on the YMP.

This week Mark and I caught up with Dave Watkinson and had a great time talking about his debut as record producer. Jon Anderson and The Warriors - The Lost Demos EP is out on 7in vinyl now from Plane Groovy Records and you can get your copy - if you are quick - at

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This week amongst the coronavirus mayhem, Mark and I keep calm and listen to...Adventures in Modern Recording by Buggles in our second look at what Geoff Downes did next after leaving Yes following the end of the Drama tour.

We also have a two pence based around some alternatives to the live Yes shoes which have had to be cancelled or postponed.

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This week the whole world has been preoccupied with COVID-19, which is entirely understandable. Mark and I discuss the situation in relation to Yes later on in this episode but, maybe as a bit of light relief, we start by thinking about what Geoff Downes did next after leaving Yes following the Drama tour

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his week, Mark and I enjoyed listening to The Bodast Tapes featuring Steve Howe in the second part of our examination of what Steve did after leaving Yes following the Drama tour. We also had the pleasure of speaking to Danny Markovitch who plays saxophone in the progressive/fusion band Marbin who are returning for the second time to the Cruise to the Edge next month. He explains what his band is all about and how they developed their music from their roots in Israel to the US.

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This week, Mark and I begin our look at what Steve Howe did next after leaving Yes after the Drama tour. Michael Handerhan suggested that, rather than going straight to Asia, Howe produced something else next which uncovered a remarkable passage of time in his early career.

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This week Mark and I caught up with Yes author and friend of the band, Jon Kirkman, who told us about his new Yes live photography book as well as the next Cruise to the Edge which he is co-hosting.

The book is called Tales from Photographic Oceans and it promises to be an amazing publication, one which is limited to only 300 copies as well.

Get your copy here -

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Mark and I have finally managed to complete our look at The Dollar Album which was produced and partly co-written by Trevor Horn after he left Yes. It’s an interesting album and prompted quite a few points of discussion.

We also think about the impact of the recent fire at the acetate factory in the US and consider what the ramifications might be for vinyl releases from Yes.

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You'll be amazed by the story we are told by Jon Dee and Dave Watkinson this week. They were the only people beyond the inner circle of the band to hear Cinema in their original format, shortly before the band morphed into the Yes of 90125.

We had such a brilliant time hearing all about it this week!

  • Who were Cinema?
  • How did Jon and Dave come to be there at a rehearsal?
  • How and why did the band change their name to Yes?
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Mark and I have ticked off another of our top ambitions on the podcast by speaking to Yes drum legend, Alan White. We cover a number of different topics and Alan is absolutely delightful, as I'm sure you know.

For the first time in ages, I also managed to do a news catch-up which features a few highlights from around the social webs in recent days and/or weeks and do listen out for a couple of new items. I hope you enjoy the whole episode!

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I'm away for work in Liverpool this week so here is a very short update on two important pieces of Yes news.

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Mark recently uploaded a video in appreciation of his fellow Canadian, Neil Peart. I thought it was important to hear what he had to say here as well, particularly as I am almost ignorant of Neil and Rush's importance in the world of Prog rock.

So here's Mark's heartfelt introduction to his video. You can see the whole video here -

R.I.P. Neil Peart

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This week, Mark and I went in search of the first thing Trevor Horn did after leaving Yes as (reluctant) front man. He threw himself into production, with the support and encouragement of his wife and the first project was the band, Dollar. So, we have been doing a bit of research, in our own minds  and on the interwebs to see what we can remember and find out about this band and Trevor Horn’s involvement with it. It’s actually quite a bit more interesting than I thought it was going to be!

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I’d like to dedicate this episode of the Yes Music Podcast to the memory of BRIAN HARTLEY. You won’t have known him in person but you certainly know his work. Brian was a school friend of mine and was a brilliant cartoonist and illustrator even then. He went on to design graphics for video games but for us, he will always be best known for creating the new YMP logo and associated artwork. He died shortly before Christmas at the age of 49 and all will miss him terribly. Rest In Peace, Brian.


This week, Mark and I take a look back at our favourite episodes from the past year and look forward to 2020

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