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It’s somewhat of a bumper episode this week. Later on we speak to Dylan Howe about the Steve Howe Trio album, New Frontier and Mark and I also reveal the answers and winners of the Epic Competition but before all that, there is some pretty amazing breaking news which arrived literally minutes before I recorded today. It’s in the form of a press release:

Legendary Prog Rock band YES reveals four previously unreleased 2010 recordings, on the new ‘From A Page’ five piece mini-box set, personally overseen by ex-member Oliver Wakeman. OUT NOW!

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This week, Mark and I have really enjoyed listening to the latest album from the Steve Howe Trio, New Frontier. 

As you may have heard, we are keeping the competition open for another week but if you have already sent an entry to then don’t worry, you will certainly have bagged a decent prize. If you haven’t found the time to send some answers, then please do as soon as possible so that we can give away the many wonderful items we have. We hope to release the answers and the winners’ names on next week’s show.

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Don't forget to send your entry to

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The huge news this week is certainly the 2020 UK tour announcement including the fact that the band will be playing the whole of Relayer which is something fans, not least us here on the YMP, have been hoping for for a long time. Mark and I will be talking quite a bit about what this news means in our Two Pence later it the episode.

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Well, here we are at episode 400 and as a result we are going to break the structure of the episode for one week only because we have 2 major pieces of content for you - an interview with a certain musician you will certainly recognise and then our epic 400th episode quiz to win a ridiculous number of Yes and Yes related items.

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