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This week Mark and I discuss the next musician to leave the band, Jo Anderson and what he did next. In the first part of our feature, we talk a little about the reasons Jon left in 1980 and the first solo record he released after leaving, Song of Seven. We will return to a more in-depth look at the album itself in a couple of weeks’ time.

We are gearing up for next week’s 400th episode of the show which will feature a great interview with someone you’ll recognise as well as an epic competition to win lots of Yes and Yes related items. You’ll need to have your Yes thinking caps on to stand a chance of winning something. Lots more on that next week.

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This week Mark and I re-visit one of our favourite Yes collections, the box set, The Word Is Live. Hear our personal favourite songs and add your own to the show notes for this week.

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This week Mark and I are considering what Yes Music might accompany each of the four seasons of the year. It’s an interesting topic so do please add your reflections to the show notes for this week.

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This week is the second part of our look at what Patrick Moraz did after leaving Yes. So we’ve been listening to his second solo album, Out in the Sum which is a slightly surprising record.

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