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This week Mark and I are starting our look at what the next musician to leave the group got up to next so we will be discussing Patrick Moraz a little later on.

Also, Jon Anderson has released the first chapter of his memoires this week so Mark and I have a chat about that in our two pence segment.

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After the news last week that the 2003 Glastonbury Festival concert is to be released as a CD next year, Mark and I decided to watch the DVD version and see if we thought it will be worth it. It’s a wonderful performance and a very interesting moment in Yes history so have a listen to our views and add your own on the show notes for this week.

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Here we are, back with part 2 or (b) of our look at what Rick Wakeman did next after the first time he left Yes. SO we've been listening to The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table!

Also, we take the opportunity to congratulate Yes on listening to episodes of the YMP and following our advice on the new album ;-)

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Mark and I are back this week to a more normal episode where we listen to the new Yes live album and give our views on it. YES50 Live was recorded during the historic YES50 tour and features guest keyboardists Tony Kaye and Patrick Moraz.

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