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In a slightly 'bare bones' episode, we start our look at the next man to leave the band, Rick Wakeman. What did he do next?

Also, we were delighted to welcome Dave Watkinson back onto the show to talk about his long-awaited new book about Jon Anderson's time before Yes which also includes the earliest days of the world's greatest progressive rock band. It sounds amazing!

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This week we have a slightly different format to the episode. Mark and I enjoyed listening to three different live versions of Gates of Delirium a few weeks ago but we didn’t get around to posting our thoughts - so that’s what you’ll hear first.

Then, we did a great interview with Yes book author, Tim Morse, this week for the Patreon community and I wanted to include some of that here because Tim once collaborated with Jon Anderson and also recently released his third solo album so there’s plenty to learn about him.

So I’ve clipped out a few parts of our conversation to play here and if you want to see the complete video of our chat, complete with various drinking vessels and Tim’s cat, you need to head over to Patreon. If you are already a patron, it’s all there for you and if you have yet to join in, you can do that at the same time.

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This week we finally get back to the second part of our look at what Bill Bruford did after leaving Yes. So Mark and I talk individually and then together about King Crimson’s Larks’ Tongues in Aspic.

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This week we had a great conversation with Miguel Falcão about his now annual PlayForChris video project and also his own Yes bass covers - a long time listener and several times interviewee we always love speaking to Miguel.


We also have a two pence from Mark which might prove controversial - and that’s of course the whole idea.

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