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It’s a packed programme this week because not only did Mark go to the Toronto Royal Affair tour show but we also welcome Jon Kirkman back onto the show to talk about his brilliant new project.

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This week we have the first part of our next what did they do next series and we’re considering Dr Bill Bruford and his unexpected move to King Crimson to record Larks’ Tongues in Aspic.

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This week, Mark and I talk about the Royal Affair Setlist - so, obviously, if you don’t like spoilers, don’t listen!

Also, We mention later on that Mark is going to a Yes concert next week which we will them talk about - but it’s actually 2 weeks until that event so there will be something different from us in between.

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This week’s episode contains set list spoilers for the upcoming Royal Affair Tour. If you don’t want to hear those, then feel free to come back and listen later.

Mark and I have been listening to One Live Badger tis week so we are ready to share our thoughts with you - listen out for that in a few moments. We also felt it was important to discuss two major pieces of Yes news in our two pence section - an announcement from Yes management and that set list spoiler from Alan White.

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