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This week it's half term for me and the family so there's been no time to record a full episode. Instead, here are three reviews Mark did a long time ago - Flash, In The Can and One Live Badger. We hope to be back with our full episode on One Live Badger next week as usual.

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This week we begin our two-part episode on the second musician to leave Yes, Tony Kaye. Mark and I will be set the scene for our exploration of One Live Badger and there's also news from around the crazy world of Yes.

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Mark and I had a very enjoyable conversation with Jim Cushing this week about his Yes blog and YouTube channel. He has collected together an amazing collection of rare Yes ephemera for your delectation and he’s a lovely guy as well. Listen to the whole of our interview in a few moments.

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This is part two of our exploration of Peter Bank's activities after Yes - and specifically the first Flash album. After starting this last week, we received great input from listeners so thank you for that.

There's also a Two Pence about the forthcoming YES50 Live album.

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We are trying out a new approach starting this week. We will be doing 2-part episodes so that listeners can have a better chance of getting involved. First of all, we are looking at the first thing Peter Banks did after leaving Yes - Flash.

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