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As we approach the 30th anniversary of ABWH, we go back to consider whether it's actually a Jon Anderson solo record, as suggested by Stephen Lambe in his book, YES every album every song.

Also, Mark suggests a 2 pence topic on videos...

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This week Mark and I got our hands on 1000 hands - or at least our virtual hands as we received a review download copy. So we have pooled our initial reactions to the music and that’s coming up in a moment.

Also, we have a 2 pence on the Anderson final Yes project rumours so it’s an Anderson rich episode.

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This week Mark and I have been listening to the first Yes album to link in with it being released on coloured vinyl for this year’s Record Store Day 50 years after first appearing. We also consider what we would release for Record Store Day if it was up to us.

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This week, Geoff Bailie pointed out to me another gaping hole in my knowledge of Yes and the surrounding music. It’s Jon Anderson’s EP or single, depending on your viewpoint, Open from 2011.

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Mark and I tackle the question of Awaken this week and consider its importance for Yes. We also chat about the recent Jon Anderson interview where he talks about the upcoming 1000 Hands Part 1 album and tour.

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