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This week, Mark and I listened to a bootleg compilation from shows on the Open Your Eyes Tour. Igor, Billy and the rest of the band made a big impression as you’ll hear...

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This week, we listen to a little-known album which should be better known to all Yes fans, White by the Alan White-led band, White. We also have time for the return of our two pence segment and we consider whether Jon Anderson should be concentrating on 1000 Hands or ARW...!

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This week, Mark and I look through and laugh quite a bit about some of the Yes Yes related items we received around Christmas. I managed to find a couple of highly obscure items I never imagined I would own so I do get a bit excited as you’ll hear…

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Mark and I will be back next week with a full episode but in the meantime, here is a brief update and another reminder about the new 2019 Patron activities - get involved!

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