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This week Mark and I speak at length and in depth to Dave Kerzner all about his Yes 50th Tribute Album Yesterday and Today which we reviewed a couple of weeks ago. Do listen right to the end of the interview because Dave also shares a tiny snippet of his forthcoming album which features, amongst many others, Jon Davison on lead vocals - and bass? Dave tells us about the remarkable concept for the new album and the story which underpins it - it’s fascinating stuff. 

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This week we listen to Billy Sherwood’s excellent Chris Squire Tribute album A life in Yes. We also discuss what Anderson, Rabin and Wakeman could have brought to that album if things had been very different - which is a topic suggested by Steven Shinder and not Daniel Krohn as I say later on in the episode - sorry Steven.

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This week Mark and I listen to the new 50th Anniversary Tribute collection from Dave Kertzner, Yesterday and Today. We also consider in our two pence whether Yes could do something similar.

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While we wait for the German version re-issue of Time and a Word on Record Store Day Black Friday, we decided to listen again to the original record and choose our favourite songs. We also muse on the recent trend of private pressings in our 2 pence segment.

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As it's half term for me and my family this week, I dipped into the archives and found the episode I released almost exactly 5 years ago. It was recorded in my car as I travelled to Nottingham for work. It tells the story of finding a Leave It 12 inch single in a charity shop and includes my thoughts on the item. It's a bit of a blast from the past! 

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