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Tormato, undeniably the greatest Yes album ;-) celebrated 40 years recently. So this week, Mark and I listen again to the much-maligned record to try and find out what everyone else seems to hate. We also dedicate our 2 pence to the 1978 'classic'.

  • Was the production really that bad?
  • Are there any aspects people who don't listen are missing out on?
  • Are there any decent songs?
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This week Mark and I have been considering Songs From Tsongas in order to re-live the last time Howe, White, Anderson and Wakeman were together on stage along with the late great Chris Squire. With the recent ARW and Yes live offerings perhaps only offering us part of the story, does Songs from Tsongas now seem like the full picture?

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We're back with an in-depth review of Yes Featuring ARW's live new album. There are several different audio and video versions and it looks and sounds great!

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As promised, here is the second of two short episodes during the time I'm off on holiday. I hope you enjoy re-listening to my Jon Anderson interview from September 2016, in the context of ARW today!

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