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As promised, here is the first of two short episodes during the time I'm off on holiday. I hope you enjoy finding out a bit about ARW's fist concerts of the new leg of their tour and also about Leonard Bernstein's Yes connections! Thanks to Paul Raybould and Jeremy North!

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After thinking about Patrick Moraz last week, this week we've turned our attention to what happened after he left the band. Rick Wakeman returned and Going for the One was created. We listened to the studio recordings and the live recordings of the three Going for the One songs on Yesshows and discussed what happened when Yes changed once again.

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With the 'news' that Patrick Moraz might be joining Yes live in 2019 to play the whole of Relayer, Mark and I discuss the possibilities and challenges this presents. We listen to/watch recordings from when Moraz was in the band playing the songs from Relayer and then have a chat about it all.

  • How could Moraz be integrated into the current Yes band?
  • What instrumentation is needed for Relayer?
  • Are the songs similar to other Yes music?
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I report back from the amazing YES 50 Plaque unveiling ceremony in London where I met Bill Bruford, members of Chris Squire's family, Chris Welch and many other Yes fans.

Mark and I chat about the significance of he event and there's a 2 pence about the Patrick Moraz Relayer rumours and how Yes could perform and record as a collective in the future.

  • How did the plaque unveiling go?
  • Who turned up?
  • Should we expand the idea of what Yes is?
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A short discussion of the new music by Yes featuring ARW entitled 'Fragile' which has been released unofficially on YouTube.

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