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Neither Mark nor I were able to get to the YES50 FanFest in Philadelphia but we took part as well as we could remotely. This week we are reflecting on some of the performances and the general feel we picked up remotely. We also have a two pence about whether Yes are playing too often these days.

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I catch up with Dave Watkinson in a secret Westminster location to talk about YES50, his article about The Warriors in Record Collector magazine and a competition connected with it. Listen for details of how to win yourself a copy of The Warriors live in concert CD!

Also, Mark and I discuss some current Yes topics as well as James Bond themes!

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We've (finally) reached the end of the Yes singles series with Heaven and Earth which didn't really have any proper singles at all. However, it does give us a chance to think about Yes' latest studio album again and we also have a bass focus in our 2 pence segment.

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We consider the singles (if any) from Fly From Here this week and talk about this difficult time in the band's history - a bit. There's also a Two Pence segment where Mark is disappointed with his latest Pledge Music acquisition...

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