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This week I feed back from the amazing YES50 Fan Convention organised by Brian Neeson and Dave Watkinson. It was a fantastic day and I've tried to capture some of it to give you an idea of how it all went if you were unable to go.

  • Who turned up?
  • Who played?
  • What was the atmosphere like?
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We are taking a break from the Yes singles episodes because of the YES50 celebrations over the next couple of weeks. In an unusual episode this week, Mark interviews me about my own YES50 concert experience in Birmingham. There's some time for a brief news section as well.

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John Holden has created a wonderful album for his debut release, featuring, amongst many other excellent musicians, Billy Sherwood and Oliver Wakeman. I spoke to John about his inspiration for the music as well as how he put it together - in musical as well as technical terms.

It's a great conversation and there are extracts from the album interspersed to whet your appetite!

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Produced by Robert Nasir, Jeffrey Crecelius, Wayne Hall, Preston Frazier and Bill Govier

It's Drama this week which fits in well with the forthcoming launch of Fly From Here - Return Trip at the #YES50 Fan Convention in London next week. Mark and I also get to bang on about the set list for the first two concerts of the #YES50 tour and there is a huge amount of news!

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We have reached 1978's Tormato in our survey of Yes singles which means listening to Don't Kill the Whale and couple of other songs.

There's also news of Yes' contribution to Record Store Day which has prompted a Two Pence section and there's a rising sense of excitement about #YES50!

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In an extra episode, I was joined by Mark in Canada and Geoff Bailie in Northern Ireland to share our collective first impressions of the Trevor Horn re-working of Fly From Here.

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We have reached Going For The One in our grand progress through the Yes singles so we listen to Wonderous Stories, Going For The One and their respective B sides as well as mentioning a few oddities!

The Two Pence section focuses on the new Trevor Horn re-working of Fly From Here - Return Trip which has us both quite excited.

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