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Fragile elevated the band further than ever before. Rick Wakeman joined and Roger Dean provided the iconic artwork. The single was Roundabout - perhaps 'the' classic song. We also have a 2 pence about ARW's plans for a huge 50th Anniversary concert...

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This week we discuss The Yes Album and its single, Your Move. It has plenty of variations around the world. We also manage to speak to Dave Watkinson about the #YES50 Fan Convention.

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It's the second week of our exploration of Yes' singles and we have reached Time And A Word.

There's also the announcement of the winner of the DBA3 album and plenty of time for news.

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For our first episode of 2018 - #YES50! - we start a new series about Yes singles from the first album to the last. This week we consider the two 45s released from the debut album.

Also, there's the chance to win a copy of the Downes Braide Association album, Skyscraper Souls and a show-and-tell session featuring our Christmas hauls - all great fun!

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