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Produced by Jeffrey Crecelius, Joseph Cottrell, Wayne Hall and Ken Fuller this is Yes Music Podcast Episode 633 - Tales from the archives

This week I have delved into the YMP archives because my work commitments have not allowed me to record an episode with Mark.

However, this means you can listen to me sounding younger, and perhaps a little more hesitant from way back in 2011. The first focus I had in the podcast was to record my thoughts on all the then Yes studio albums so what follows is those thoughts from episodes 6 and 7 where I covered Tales from Topographic Oceans. I’m sure my thoughts would be very different if I were to rewrite these episodes today but maybe not. Certainly, you can play the old fashioned ‘spot the mistakes’ game with these episodes - do let me know what you come up with.

I would say that Mark and I will be back as normal next week but actually we won’t because I am off on the trip of a lifetime to celebrate my wife’s and my 30th Wedding Anniversary. I’m intending to leave an episode to pop up in the feed and Mark is working on something as well but if that doesn’t happen and the podcast is away for two weeks, don’t worry - it is planned.


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