Yes Music Podcast

Produced by Joseph Cottrell, Jeffrey Crecelius and Ken Fuller

Stephen Lambe joins us in a moment to talk about his updated, comprehensive Yes book as well as touching on Tales and Trevor Rabin. 

  • What has Stephen added to his already great Yes book?
  • What does he think of the current state of Yes?
  • Where can you get his book?

Let us know if you agree with us!

We are entering another period of intense Yes activity this week with the band preparing for its US tour, Trevor Rabin releasing singles from his forthcoming album, Rio and perhaps the most seismic happening of all, the 600th episode of the Yes Music Podcast. We have a rather special guest lined up to join us in our celebration so it’s bound to be one to remember. Mark and I are also planning a charity event to coincide with the milestone and more information on that will be coming soon, unless you are already a YMP Patron, of course - in which case I’ve already let them into the secret. It pays to be a Patron, as they say.

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