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As always, it was a sheer delight to welcome Stephen Lambe and David Watkinson back onto the show this week to talk about their latest collaboration, YES in the 1980s.

It's a great book which goes into detail about the often tortuous journey of the band in the decade of excess. Solo albums and other groups closely associated with Yes are included in a volume which boasts 2 sets of full-colour photos as well as countless other illustrations, a lot of which are presented in printed format for the first time.

A must for all serious Yes fans (particularly the five per cent), the book is available now from Burning Shed at the link in this week’s show notes. We asked the dynamic duo all sorts of questions including:

  • Why write a book about the decade which could - or should - have killed off progressive rock?
  • What hidden stories are uncovered?
  • What untaken paths would the authors like to have see Yes take in the 80s?
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