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This week Mark and I have had a great time re-watching 3 videos from the Going For The One era. As you may know, there is an extensive behind-the-scenes film of what went on at Mountain Studios in Montreux in 1976 and I was wondering if the feel of that process was evident in the following tour. So Mark suggested the film of Glasgow on that tour and I added the mash-up of the title song which takes film footage from several different concerts and matches it to a good quality soundtrack.

All 3 videos are embedded into the show notes for this week. You might want to watch them before listening to us discuss our reactions.

  • What was the mood like when Yes were recording Going For The One in Switzerland?
  • Did the melodica trio end up on the album or not?
  • Why did Rick Wakeman take his shoes and socks off in Glasgow and what did he do next?

Listen to the episode and let us know what you think!

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