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This week Mark and I had a lovely conversation with Yes lead singer, Jon Davison. We chatted about the new album, Mirror to the Sky and his contributions to it as well as the band’s live plans and the future. We also touched on Tormato (there’s a surprise), John Lodge and other topics in a packed interview.

Jon was an absolute delight and his passion for Yes music is obvious. As he points out, Billy, Jay and he have always been Yes fanboys. As i write this there is one week to go until both the new Yes album is released and (hopefully) Yes The Tormato Story finally sees the light of day, so it’s once again an exciting time to be a Yes fan.

See if you agree or disagree with what’s said and let us know by leaving a comment on the show notes for this episode.

  • Is Jon pleased with Mirror To The Sky?
  • What was his role in creating the album?
  • Is this album part of a development of songwriting for the band?

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